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Meet our Breed

       American Corgis are bred by mixing Pembroke Corgis with Cardigan Corgis,  through careful breeding, focus has been put on carrying forward only the best traits of each breed as well as putting that beautiful merle coloring onto a more physically Pembroke style dog. They possess charming personalities, outgoing, comical and fun-loving like a Pembroke, but a bit more laid back. Generally easier to train and slightly less "bossy" than most Pembroke’s tend to be. Making them great family dogs that are easily trained. They come from a herding background and love to have a job whether its playing fetch in the yard, being a running partner, hiking or horseback riding buddy or even running an agility course... They require moderate exercise and grooming as they do shed seasonally. They are “easy keepers” needing attention paid to their diets, as becoming overweight can cause health issues. Our “American Corgis” are currently registered through (CKC) Continental Kennel Club.

Meet the Breed

  • Temperament: temperament is playful, affectionate, steady and gentle as they mature. They make great playmates for other dogs and children, especially when socialized early on.

  • Lifespan: 11 years – 13years on average

  • Average Weight: 25 pounds but no minimum stated in the breed standard.

  • Our Females: 23  – 30 pounds 

  • Our Males: 27-29pounds 

  • Height: 9 inches – 12 inches 

American Corgi’s” are a mix between a Cardigan Corgi and a Pembroke Corgi which are the two different Corgi breeds, these breeds have several different breed traits, Cardigan corgis go back to dogs with similar ancestry to Dachshund, and Pembroke’s go bake to spitz type dogs similar Finnish Spitz . One thing is for certain at one-point breeders started mixing dogs to breed for certain characteristics to become the two breeds who we know and love today. I find it sad to think if someone would have stopped people from breeding and raising them, we wouldn’t have so many different amazing dog breeds today.

So why do we raise American Corgis ??

First let me say after owning both Pembroke’s and Cardigans they are definitely different, I always say the Pembroke is the happy go lucky younger sibling to the Cardigan is the older Moody one but in a loving way .

So what is the American Corgi like ? these will always be my favorite type of temperament as I have found mine are pretty in the middle of the Cardigan and the American , not quite as into the party but much more social then any of my Cardigans but they also don’t go driving me a little crazy bouncing around like my Pembroke’s do . I’ve had so many families come back and say they same thing and they just fit in perfect with their life and how they love it! Now of course temperament can be very dependent on the parents and breeder’s lines so always ask lots of questions and do lots of research.

Temperament is my first concern behind health and the main reason I fell in love with them so much they just fit with us like no other breed did and I will always want one in my life .

Health tests for both Pembroke and Cardigan are similar and can easily be done on the mix of the two to make sure you are striving for the healthiest breed you can , we have a lot more information on what we test for etc. on our website via the health tab.

So if you have a puppy with a great temperament and is healthy , what makes it so “unethical” I get told well there is no breed standard , you can’t show them, and AKC does not recognize them . These are all true facts , American Corgis can look quite different depending on the breeder but so can any AKC Breed so this is not just an Mixed breed issue, and Cardigans go back est. 3000 years so I’m sure those dogs looked quite different then the ones we have today , and in another 3000 years I’m sure a lot of breeds will look quite different some for the better and some not so much. Also true you can’t show American Corgis in dog shows , but most dog breeds were bred for working , hunting , companionship not to be in a dog show .( Side Note : I don’t believe dog shows are bad and I enjoy watching them and seeing everyone who has worked so hard to be there . ) We breed our Corgis to be a Companions, who likes being with you and going on new adventures, some of ours have gone on to work livestock but not many so its not a trait we breed for, we look for dogs that are smart easy to work with , willing to learn , good tempered towards other dogs, animals and kids . Rasing a family dog is what we strive for and will continue to strive for , we want our puppies to go into their homes and be 100% successful , I love watching them grow up and being apart of that , knowing the complete joy they have brought to their family . So that’s why and what we strive for in breeding American Corgis.

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