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Meet our Breed

       American Corgis are bred by mixing Pembroke Corgis with Cardigan Corgis,  through careful breeding, focus has been put on carrying forward only the best traits of each breed as well as putting that beautiful merle coloring onto a more physically Pembroke style dog. They possess charming personalities, outgoing, comical and fun-loving like a Pembroke, but a bit more laid back. Generally easier to train and slightly less "bossy" than most Pembroke’s tend to be. Making them great family dogs that are easily trained. They come from a herding background and love to have a job whether its playing fetch in the yard, being a running partner, hiking or horseback riding buddy or even running an agility course... They require moderate exercise and grooming as they do shed seasonally. They are “easy keepers” needing attention paid to their diets, as becoming overweight can cause health issues. Our “American Corgis” are currently registered through (CKC) Continental Kennel Club.

Meet the Breed

  • Temperament: temperament is playful, affectionate, steady and gentle as they mature. They make great playmates for other dogs and children, especially when socialized early on.

  • Lifespan: 11 years – 13years on average

  • Average Weight: 25 pounds but no minimum stated in the breed standard.

  • Our Females: 23  – 30 pounds 

  • Our Males: 27-29pounds 

  • Height: 9 inches – 12 inches 

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