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About Us

Diamond Corgis Owner with North
Diamond Corgis Owner with Puppies
Diamond Corgis Owner with Pippa

We are located in the beautiful mountains of Montana; we love getting to enjoy our mountain home with our wonderful crew of corgis. You can find our Diamond Corgi puppies in amazing homes throughout the USA and Canada, each of these homes is a part of our ever-growing diamond family. We have lifetime support on all of our puppies doesn't matter if it's the day of arrival or 10 years from than we are here for you and your puppy!


All of our dogs, adults and puppies are a major part of our family. They enjoy being with us for our daily activities around our home. They love spending time with us, whether it's going hiking, horseback riding, or just town to the local feed store.  At home, if you can't find them outside enjoying some fresh air and Montana sunshine, they can usually be found sleeping on a couch, in one of the many trademark corgi sleeping positions.

We work hard and put our hearts into each and every puppy we bring into the world so they can have the absolute BEST start in life. We attend each and every birth, so that we can welcome each baby into this world and be there if mom or puppies need our assistance. Puppies are raised in our home and loved on daily by each of us.  We make sure they receive only the best care, including food, socialization and veterinary care. We begin potty training and crate training by 6 weeks old. They will leave us current on veterinary care, be covered by a 2-year health guarantee and will be microchipped. 

We pride ourselves on raising an all-around Corgi, breeding first from health tested parents, to do our best to produce the healthiest puppies for our families. We believe that temperament is just as important as health, we strive for a well-balanced dog who is outgoing but not overwhelming, smart, trainable and thrives on being with people.

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