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Yeti and Birdie Due July 11th 

Merle - 2000

Brindle - 1500

Tris - 1500

*will be regular coat 

Diamond  Corgis Yeti x Birdie.png

Blix and Luna Due July 11th 

Merle - 2300

Blue Tri - 2000

Black Tri  - 1800

*will be fluffy coat 

Puppy Application 
What activity level are you looking for ?
Are you interested in a ?
Do you have experience breeding Dogs
Do you intend to breed this dog?
Do you plan on having the puppy spayed or neutered?
Do you plan on working this dog with livestock?

> Please be sure to sign up for our email and follow our social media so you can see when puppies arrive . Having your application in ahead of time will help the choosing process go much faster.  

> We do have a Paid Waitlist that is $400.00 for a spot this goes to the full price of a puppy and you do get a $100.00 discount as well for being part of our waitlist. 

> our puppies are usually priced at 1500 to 2300

> (Non waitlist families) after you make your pick, we require a $400.00 deposit that can be paid for via Venmo or Square pay, this deposit is non-refundable and goes to the full price of the puppy. {We will refund or transfer the deposit if something were to happen to the puppy while in our care} 

> Balance is due at time of pick-up, cash if in person or if flying we can do Venmo, it must be sent 3 days before pick-up to ensure that it clears.

> we send puppy picture updates once a week, usually on Wednesday, but might vary depending on our schedule. We understand everyone wants to see their baby but ask you to understand we have our family, personal pets and are taking care of the babies, so we can't send pictures all the time.

> we do sometimes post updates, pictures/ videos on our Facebook page so I do ask people to follow our page if they want to see those.

> We will update you, if your puppy were to become injured or sick.

> Puppies will have Neopar at 5 weeks and then Vangaurd 5 at 7 weeks, along with a vet checkup. If you're picking up local, the puppy can leave at 8 weeks. If your puppy is flying, he/she will need to stay with us till 10 weeks old (we urge puppy buyers to double check their flights to make sure we have the correct information for health certificate and age requirements from that airline - we recommend Delta airlines) We do not use Air pet Cargo and puppies must fly with you or a hired flight nanny.

> Puppies will leave micro chipped as well and current on worming. Our puppies also do have a health guarantee.

>Our puppies are sold on a strict spay/ neuter contract unless talked about before placing your deposit.

> Babies will come with health records, papers, our contract and a goody bag.

> Our puppies are not fully trained or potty trained when leaving, we urge people to really think about what caring for a puppy takes, they will need your time, love and most of all patience.

> We stand behind our puppies forever and understand that sometimes life happens if you are unable to keep your Diamond Corgis we will always take them into our home. I hope this helps give you an idea of how our process works here and just how much we love every single one of our puppies, Please Write "Yes" in the box if you read through this. 

🐶 Thank You

Thanks for submitting!

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