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American Corgis Colors

These are our current American Corgi Colors, because American Corgis are a mix between the two Corgi breeds, Pembroke and Cardigan, they come in both breeds colors.

Listed below are the colors our American Corgis come in.

{They can also be found in Brindle and Red, but we do not currently breed those colors.}

Black Tri

Black-Headed Tricolor will have lots of black and the black and red areas will stay distinctly separate for the life of the dog, without blending together.

What is a Black Headed Tri (BHT)
What is a Red Headed Tri (RHT)

Red-Headed Tricolor will lots of black, but as the dog ages the black and red will gradually blend.  

(This gene will also cause red headed puppies in Merle colored dogs.}

Red Headed Tri 


Sable is a red type coat with dark hairs showing on head,

withers and sometimes along the back.

Sable can vary from just a few black hairs to very dark.


Merle is an inherited dominant color; it leaves patches of normal coat color within areas of diluted pigmentation, giving the coat a spotted look. There are different types of merle called merle lengths,

that can cause different coat patterns. The merle pattern can come in many different colors;

blue merle, dilute blue merle, sable merle etc.

Blue Merle

Dilute Blue Merle

Sable Merle

Dilute "Bluie" Colors

Dilute (D Locos) is a gene that make pigments lighter,

cause blacks to be grey, fur and skin. 

Any coat color or pattern can be dilute or commonly known as "Bluie".

Dilute Black Tri
Bluie Tri

Dilute Sable
Bluie Sable

Dilute Blue Merle
Bluie Merle


The S Locus is what causes the white spotting in coat color in our breeding program.

This causes extra white on the coat and can be in any color. Merles. Tris and Sables

Names for this can be mismark, spotting, flash parti or piebald.

.{There are other types of white spotting as well}

Pembroke Corgis Colors

Pembrokes come in five colors;

Fawn, Red, Sable, Black-Headed Tri (BHT), and Red-Headed Tri (RHT).

{Pembrokes do not come in Merles}

Shown below are the colors of Pembrokes we have.

Black Tri (BHT)

Black Tri (RHT)